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Rent a Caravan


About us

Avon City Caravans was launched in 2005 and has been going strong ever since. We have recently re-branded to for our website and social media. We are located in Christchurch 20 minutes from the city centre, towards Rolleston.


All our caravans are styled with new curtains, carpets, paint, seat covers, and artwork. There is always something to clean, fix, arrange and enhance. We are dedicated to providing friendly, efficient service, with integrity and respect. We specialise in long-term living but we will always offer short term rentals for local events, holidays and emergency accommodation.

The woman behind
the scenes

My name is Lizi Reese and I’m the owner and operator of Rent a Caravan. I started collecting, renovating, and renting out cool old caravans early in the new millennium. I have a passion for old 60’s 70’s and 80’s caravans.  I’ve always loved them, they remind me of my childhood.


I am in my 60s now and I've downsized my fleet of caravans. My goal is to have a smaller boutique style operation specialising in providing comfy accommodation for long term renters.

Long Term Rental

  • Prices range from $145 - $270 per week

  • Bonds on all caravans are $250 (unless otherwise stated)

  • Great for extra accommodation

  • Perfect when building

  • Can be used as sleepout in the back yard

  • Approved for holiday parks

  • Relocatable - optional delivery

  • WINZ quote can be given on request

  • We define long-term hire as 3 months and over

Short Term Rental

  • Daily rates from $100 - $135 + GST

  • Bonds on all caravans are $250 (unless otherwise stated)

  • Perfect for visiting relatives

  • Local events

  • Emergency accommodation

  • Short term hire is a minimum of 4 days

  • We are no longer available for touring holidays around the country, however we're happy to let them roam all over Canterbury!

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