Do you deliver?

Yes we do, delivery and return are both paid up front. We will need your address to provide a quote

Can we pick it up ourselves?

For short term holiday rentals and events, yes. For long term we prefer to deliver ourselves as there are some tricky driveways out there and any damage is costly.

Is there a bond?

Yes $250 for most, unless otherwise stated.

Any advance rent to pay?

Yes, 2 weeks’ advance rent paid before delivery and then autopayments start the following week (for long term)

Do I have to pay insurance?

No, it is included in the rent. Details in rental agreement. See rental agreement here.

Can I have my pet living in the caravan with me?

No, sorry. Strictly no pets allowed. Nothing against your pets, we just need to maintain a high standard for our rentals.

Can we smoke or burn candles in the caravan?

No, absolutely not. This would be a breach of contract

What if I don’t know how long I want the caravan for?

Talk to us by phone or email and we will work something out. If less than 3 months you will pay a slightly higher rate.

Can we pay online?

Yes, please pay Avon City Caravans: 02 0800 0903347 00 and use your name as reference

Do we have to give it back after the 3 months is up?

No, if all is going well you can keep it as long as you want

Do your caravans come with linen?

No, we are a hire company only. They come with a mattress protector on those with permanent double beds.

What appliances are provided?

Mainly just fridge and cookers, details are on each listing

Can we take short term caravans all over the South Island?

We prefer to keep them within Canterbury these days but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Can we come and see the caravans in person at your yard?

Due to time constraints we prefer you to choose directly via the website. However, if necessary, a viewing can be arranged by appointment